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Meet Katie




My name is Katie Donohoe and I love what I do. I am an Intuitive Massage Therapist and Energy Healer based in Launceston, Tasmania. I have a passion for inspiring and encouraging people to be their best. In saying “their best”, I am talking about the messy and beautifully flawed parts too. I encourage authenticity & realness. My studio is a place to laugh and cry and most importantly, a place of refuge. Through being open and honest, especially with yourself, you can create space for healing to flow. It really can be that simple.

I have been a therapist for 19+ years and have studied a variety of modalities and techniques. I have a style all of my own and I enjoy working with you to tailor-make your perfect treatment according to your wants, needs and how your body responds on the day. I am a graduate of The Australian College of Natural Medicine and The Australian Institute of Applied Sciences (Brisbane, Queensland) and a member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.

I have always had a deep curiosity of the human body ~ how it works, feels, heals and moves. As a dancer and a lover of yoga, my approach is fluid, centering and deeply healing. I combine loving intent and energy-work in all that I do and my treatments speak for themselves.

I feel in this day and age that we do not honour the art of ritual enough. I love creating rich treatments of beauty and soul. Taking the time to focus on the enriching and colourful aspects of life and providing a blissful journey for the senses.

​I operate out of House of Prana in Launceston, Tasmania. I love sharing this space with such a collection of like-minded people. I would love to see you!

In love and oneness

Blessed be

xo Katie


A place of refuge, where you are safe to surrender & let go



"Katie is a magician. A warm, caring soul, her massages are more than a physical experience. She is a beautiful human who is super passionate about her craft. Highly, highly recommend!"
- Laura Cronin, Launceston.

Katie is utterly amazing! Such a beautiful person who truly cares, takes a holistic approach to healing and wellbeing, and is by far the best massage therapist I've ever been to! The cupping is particularly beneficial for me, and I've very excited to see the new location! If you haven't been before, take an open mind and treat yourself, you'll feel fantastic!
- Dean Colvin, Launceston

I am with Katie more than 3 years. At one stage I needed a help and decided to try cupping. I loved Katie's professional attitude, knowledge and those hands. Katie has magic hands. They feel your body, the areas in need and the amount of force to apply. Katie bright personality adds a positive energy to the treatment after which you will feel motivated and renewed, and ready for a new adventure.  I highly recommend Katie if you desire to have positive changes in your life because you are important. Such feeling I have after Katie's massage and cupping.
- Oksana Soul, Launceston

When you meet Katie you feel like you’ve known her a long time. There’s a deep nurturing in her approach & a truly unique healing practice. The amazing thing about what Katie offers is that you don’t have to be broken to go & visit her like you would a physio, her intuitiveness to what your body, Mind & heart is needing is quite rare. Even if you’re feeling low on energy, a little bit irritated or stuck ! I really enjoy doing energy work with Katie because it resets me. Love your work Katie!
- Bec Jones, Launceston

 love seeing Katie for my reflexology! She is amazing, so professional, knowledgable and great at what she does!
- Meg Willes, Launceston

Katie is the most intuitive massage therapist I have ever had the fortune to work on my very needy body. Her ability to release, not just from a physical perspective, is exceptional and I have also never found the same healing from any other therapist.
- Patti Power, Brisbane

Katie is such an amazing massage therapist and a beautiful person. She takes a wholistic approach to her treatments, not only addressing physical problems of her clients with expertise, but also encourages discussion of any emotional and life/work stresses that may impact overall well-being. I highly recommend treating yourself to a truly blissful experience.
- Carolyn Bennett, Launceston

There is no one else I would choose to be my private masseuse and, if I could afford to fly her around the world with me, I would! I have had many massages, in many countries, by many different people, using different techniques and Katie will always be the best in my eyes. But don’t take my word for it!  I promise, if you get a treatment from Katie, you’ll never go anywhere else. She has a special talent and knows what needs work with out you you even saying anything at times. She’s just awesome!
- Allie Walsh, Akaroa NZ

I highly recommend Katie, I have been seeing Katie for years now and I always leave feeling so good. No matter what I go to see Katie for she seems to nail it every time.
- Kate Martin, Launceston

Katie is such a beautiful person with such a warm, kind and friendly nature. She truly cares for each of her clients and has such a wonderful nature.  I have had a few massages and facials with Katie and her body treatments are just divine!! I can be quite body conscious but Katie does everything to make me feel comfortable during my treatment.  
Katie is are an absolute sweetheart and she always make me feel amazing!! Highly recommend this gem
- Danielle Mann, Launceston

Highly recommend Katie. I’ve been seeing her for several years now and every session I am 100% satisfied. She is very intuitive. I appreciate her welcoming, friendly and bubbly personality. For anyone wanting some self care Katie can definitely help you out.
- Rachael Brocklehurst, Launceston

Katie has been my saviour and sanity with her amazing intuitive massage techniques. She just knows what I need (even when I’ve pushed myself a little too far and am stiff and sore), and keeps my bad back from going off the rails completely. Katie is calming and soothing, and a great listener too! You leave feeling not only feeling physically better, but mentally recharged.
Looking forward to seeing her new space!
- Liv Jankus, Launceston

Katie is an amazing massage therapist. I have never found anyone else that has matched her yet. Her holistic, individualised approach, her ability to blend modalities as required, and her genuine client care make for sessions that are 100% effective and yet still relaxing.
I highly recommend Katie.
- Kerry Collins, Brisbane

Best massage therapist in Tassie!!
Love my Katie time....

- Liv Dykstra, Launceston

Katie is the most intuitive masseur I have ever met
She always seems to know what I need before I do.
It is a pleasure to let Katie weave her magic on you.

- Jane Laidlaw, Launceston
Katie provided such a welcoming and supportive environment for her massage. She was professional and approachable. I appreciated the more intuitive side of her massage, not just doing a set 'routine' but following what my body needed at the time. I could tell she was focused and massaged with intention through the whole session. Finding a good massage therapist can be challenging but I'll be going back to Katie for more massages for sure! x
- Mel De Ruyter, Launceston

Katie would have to be one of the most warm hearted, genuine and caring women I have come across.
Her open and calm nature instantly put you at ease and she is highly gifted in the work she does.
I have been seeing Katie on a regular basis for over a year now and the only downside is that I didn’t find her sooner.
Every time I leave after a session I feel like I am walking on clouds and I count down until I see her again
- Melissa Barker, Launceston
Katie has a wonderful energy about her and she creates a very calming environment for her massages. She's a great remedial therapist, and while you can request what you want from her, I pretty much leave it in her hands because she always seems to know what I need!
- Louise Pattie, Launceston

Katie is a sensational therapist, I wouldn’t see anyone else. 
- Georgie Curtin, Launceston

Katie is amazing! It’s like she’s magic and knows exactly what it is you’re needing without even having to say anything. So lovely to deal with, professional and always has me leaving so, so relaxed.
- Tahnee Cooper, Launceston

What can I say about Katie Donohoe and her healing hands? She is one of the best massage therapists I have ever met and I’ve experienced many. Katie is unique in that she reads her client well and clarifies what the desired outcome is before the massage begins. Conversation is there if wanted, silence if not, remedial or relaxation are on offer. I am thrilled to have discovered Katie and her business ‘Valley Massage and Wellness’, she is helping me carve out some much needed ‘me’ time and I’m so grateful.
- Rae Smith, Launceston

Katie is an incredible massage therapist. Katie is intuitive and holistic in her approach.
I truly love going to see her and feel amazing after a treatment.
I can not recommend Katie highly enough
- Allison Hicks, Launceston

Katie is fantastic, would highly recommend her to others. She is professional, extremely knowledgeable,
and really thrives to give you the best experience.
- Natalie Caie, Launceston

Katie provides such a safe, nurturing space...where I can allow myself to relax, restore, and heal.
Her amazing energy, and kind, gentle manner makes me feel so safe, and at ease.
The best thing I’ve done for myself this year!
- Lauren Corbett, Launceston

Katie at Valley Massage and Wellness is a wonderfully nurturing, intuitive and highly skilled massage therapist and healing channel. Katie is very caring with a beautiful smile and happy demenour which immediately puts you at ease. Katie provides complete privacy during the massage so you never feel uncomfortable or exposed, she is very professional and communicates well so you are never left guessing what comes next. Katie knows her way around a body exceptionally well and my last massage, I literally floated out of the room. She intuitively knows your sore spots and how much pressure to place on each area. She has the exquisite ability of providing a state of deep bliss, relaxation and healing. Her healing room is an incredibly tranquil environment which allows you to relax and connect with yourself so that you can go into a state of deep peace and bliss, whilst providing an exceptional massage which is physically and spiritually therapeutic. Katie is wonderful and I highly recommend her services.
- Jane Arnold, Launceston

Katie’s ability to put you at ease is profound from the first meeting. Her beautiful, compassionate heart and authenticity is the wonderful cherry on top of a seriously satisfying massage experience. Whether you are looking for an intuitive experience, remedial massage or cupping/stones Valley Massage and Wellness is second to none in Launceston.  Thank you Katie!
- Rebecca Leggatt, Launceston

Katie was very thoughtful and thorough, at the beginning she asked what areas I wanted to focus on. I had a 75 min intuitive massage and left floating down the street, I would highly recommend and will definitely be going back.
It was easy to find and the facilities were beautiful and calming, worth every cent!!
- Kierra Brooks, Launceston

Katie is amazing! She is a very talented massage therapist and knows my body better than I do - intuitively seeking out the aches & pains I have thought were normal & suffered through, only to leave a treatment feeling like a new person!  Katie uses a variety of techniques including fire cupping to get you back to your best while enjoying the calm & relaxing environment she has created.  The only place to be for relaxation, remedial or reiki.
- Sarah Shea, Launceston

Katie is a massage goddess.
Fun (what a smile),intuitive, welcoming and warm.  
I highly recommend this place!
- Leanne Groves, Launceston

I highly recommend Katie! She delivers the perfect treatment in a gorgeous setting. Not only are her services amazing, but Katie is an absolute pleasure to deal with - beautiful, friendly and respectful! You can count on a wonderful experience every time and I can guarantee that she would never disappoint. Definitely worth booking in!
- Mel Thompson, Launceston

I would like to thank Katie for such an amazing treatment experiences, I feel like a new person after each session, Katie's ability to adapt each treatment to your needs comes so natural to Katie and is delivered with such care and compassion in such peacful environment, thank you so much Katie.
- Juels O'Mahony, Launceston



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